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Schools and Bullying

In light of the recent school shooting, I am disgusted with the public school systems.

The majority of bullying goes on inside of and during school hours or on school grounds. Speaking from personal experience of my own the biggest problem I ran into was in the parent(s) are required to play by their district’s rules and follow their “Policies”.

Now what will following the majority of schools “policies” get you? I can tell you first hand, NOTHING.

I’ve had teachers over the years tell me things like ‘your child brought this on themselves’ and that’s my favorite saying. The teacher that said it to me (actually there have been about 6 different teachers that have said this to me and this child is still in school) was shocked when I replied to their complete lack of taking responsibility for dealing with this during class when it happened “are you stupid or just lazy”.

Schools, their staff and administration do not want to be held legally accountable for the actions of children in their daily care but they do expect each parent to be accountable for every minute of every day even if they are at school.

You hear a lot of ‘where were the parents’ but you never hear ‘where was the teacher when this went on during their class?’

Now what blows my mind is the recent shooting and they are looking to blame the parents but not asking why the school administration did nothing and the students said it went on right in front of the administration and it’s staff but nothing was done so it escalated to a shooting? That’s completely irresponsible on the schools part. If they had tried to stop it and communicated with all the parents of both the child being bullied and the children guilty of doing the bullying this probably would not have happened. But doing all that means the school system would have to be responsible for what went on and they don’t want that responsibility.

People, crack down on the bullies and defend the victims and stop blaming the victims!

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A Parent Coming to Grips with Life

I know someone that is an older parent and is very dearly loved by their child. This person has found something about themselves that was a hard thing for anyone to face.

Over the course of time and relationships they have finally come to grips with the fact that due to the era they were born into, their parent lived a hard life. The result of their life had a negative impact on their child. This negative impact had a very long term effect on the person I am referring to but the good news is now life is improving.

Now you might ask how is this possible and I’ll tell you, to get over things and to learn to forgive yourself is the first step you can take and this person has taken that major step in life and it has brought me to tears.

They have realized that the way they were for so many years really was no fault of their own. It was all due to the way in which they were raised and the people they were around which they had no control over. The result was parenting issues with their own children and they finally decided that they needed to realize that it’s better late than never to get to know their children and their families and their grandchildren.

I have dropped many a tear over the progression of this as it’s an amazing process for a person to go through and be able to forgive themselves first and those of us that have already gone through it not only understand it but are willing to forgive them and move forward with unconditional love and support and bring the arms of the family around them and embrace them for the enormously wonderful person they are known to be.

The end result is a wonderful relationship that is forgiving and based on unconditional love and support and a tighter family unit that will thrive for years to come.

It takes a big person to say “I messed up, please forgive me I’m here now” and they are going to be welcomed with open arms and so much love and support that they will never again feel like they are alone in life to deal with things.

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Sunday Coupons for 4/1/12

This is yet another good weekend to buy multiple papers or use a good reliable clipping service. There will be multiple inserts and the coupon grapevine has it that we may also be getting another P&G insert.

This means that you need to check your current P&G insert and use all the coupons for any deals out there as they will expire on Saturday.

I have found another highly rated clipping service that I will be using for all my future coupon orders. This lady is in north Texas and her prices are much more user-friendly and since she’s in Texas you should/will get your order(s) faster.

Here is her coupon page:

I will be posting some deals when I get my sneak-peaks tomorrow for anyone interested.

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I love my Walgreens trips! 2-14-12

Went to Walgreens today to do a register reward purchase and boy did I do well! Here’s how it went and what I bought:

3 Vicks Naturfusion’s on sale for $5.99 – 3 P&G insert coupons worth $3 each
3 Puffs with Lotion $.99 ea – 1 P&G insert coupon for $.25
2 bags Girhadelli chocolates for my daughters for V-day at 2 for $7
$27.94 – $9.25 in P&G coupons
also used $8 register reward from my blink tears and $5 register reward from my Alkeselzter and paid

$5.69 out of my pocket AND got back $5 in register rewards for buying the P&G items

With the register reward I got back I actually bought it all for $.69 I LOVE MY COUPONS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Coupons and The Internet

For those of you that don’t want to order more than one newspaper I do have a recommendation.

Get one newspaper, find out if there are any coupons for items that you use a lot. My example is I use a good bit of dog food, therefore, I order units (there are usually 10 to 20 coupons per unit) of coupons from Top Rated sellers off Ebay. I try to only order from top rated sellers and I always use the Buy It Now option as I do not like to wait to see if I won the bidding process. I just can’t stand to waste the time AND if a sale comes up while the bidding process is open then you just missed out.

Search Ebay for coupons and take a wide-eyed look at what’s available. You are paying the clipping servers for their time in cutting these out for you and when there are a lot of coupons to be clipped it can be worth your while. I bought 10 coupons for Ben-Gay the large ultra strength tube and they were worth $5 each towards the end of last year. I used some locally to me at my walmart and took the rest on vacation to see my parents. They use this stuff heavily as well. Since I had already fully stocked my own householdĀ  on this item I used the remaining coupons and bought some for them to keep. Now the jumbo tube I bought sells for $6.83 so 10 tubes would have cost me $68.30 plus tax but buying the coupons cost me $4.66 but saved me $50.00 so if you take the total cost and include all my expenses I paid $1.83 per tube add in the $4.66 making each tube $2.30 but overall I saved a total of $45.30 even with purchasing the coupons online. That is a huge savings.

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Kroger Sale 2-8-12 and Receipe

Whaaahooo…one of my favorite items is one sale at Kroger. I will be ad matching it at Walmart.

Asparagus is $.99 per lb now here’s one of our favorite dishes to use it in:

Pasta (just about any type will do – I use what’s on hand and I keep plenty stocked) 1 lb
1 bunch Asparagus
1 8 oz block smoked swiss/guyere cheese cut into small cubes
1 small bag of frozen peas
1 thick slice of ham (if I don’t have any leftover ham I will go to the deli and get any smoked ham and have them cut it on their thickest slice)

Cook pasta until ad dente (just follow the directions and make sure and take a test bite so you don’t over-cook it) pull pasta out of water and put into very large ceramic bowl and cover with foil to keep warm and put cheese cubes over pasta to melt while doing the rest, DO NOT DRAIN OR THROW OUT PASTA WATER, snap the ends off the asparagus then cut into bite sized pieces put the asparagus AND the frozen peas into the pasta water. Cook 4 1/2 to 5 minutes but not more than that or you ruin the asparagus. Now just BEFORE you put the veggies in to boil and lightly cook cut your ham into bite sized cubes and either heat up by sauteing or microwaving. Combine asparagus, peas and ham with pasta and if needed in small ladle amounts add in some of the pasta water to thin out the cheese a little to make it easier to work with the whole dish. Serve and enjoy.


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Purina Alpo Review

Since I’m a couponer I decided to try a little something different on my beloved pooches and see how they liked it.

We bought Purina’s Dog Chow for our 3 1/2 year old golden retriever and 10 cans of the chunky meaty food to mix with it.

The first two nights went well and she ate with gusto and seemed to enjoy it. By the third night we noticed a little something different in her. She had just eaten her dinner and it had been about 20 minutes and she was just going crazy in our living room. We watched her and finally my husband and I both said ‘what’s wrong with her’?

It was at that point that I realized that she was acting like a child who can’t handle lots of sugar. It was like she was on a sugar high and she had developed a rash as well and could not stop scratching.

I went to the store and got her the other brand we have always fed our dogs and put her back on her regular diet and had to treat the rash and give her benadryl to counter the effects and now she’s back to normal.

Lesson learned, I (like an idiot) did not check the ingredient contents on the package of the Dog Chow. Now ingredients on anything are required by law to be listed by highest content to lowest. So when you see something and the first item on the list says for example ‘whole grain corn meal’ then the product is primarily comprised of that item and so on. Dog Chow has corn gluten meal listed as the third item on the bag. That means it’s full of sugar that our dog can not handle it.

We are back to our regular brand and maybe we’ll try something new again but next time we will be checking the labels before we buy so we make sure that ingredient is not listed at least so high on content.

What else does sugar do for your dog? It makes them fat and it’s harder to get the weight off your dog than it is to get it off your own body.

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Foodtown match at Walmart 1-31-12

I had a few coupons that I did need to use and use the items all the time so I did a last minute ad match on Foodtown’s ad at Walmart tonight and here’s how it went:

2 Cascade trial sizes $.97 ea – 2 q’s for $.25 ea
2 Always Infinity 16ct $4.18 ea – 2 q’s for $2 ea
2 Colgate 6.4oz Foodtown ad match for $.99 (walmart’s price was $1.50) – 2 q’s for $.50 ea
4 French’s 14oz mustard Foodtown ad match for $.88 (walmart’s price 1.88) – 2 q’s for $.30 ea
1 gal milk $3.48

SAVED $6.10 in coupons and $5.02 in ad matching

PAID $13.18 plus tax

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Crisp Mandrin Salad

In need of something fresh and crisp and craving citrus all at the same time we needed something not so heavy on our tummies since we were all just getting over the stomach flu, so I came up with this and it worked very well. Nice and light and not to heavy.

Romaine lettuce
Canned mandrin orange slices in syrup/light NOT sugar free (it changes the taste of the salad)
Crushed walnuts
Ken’s steakhouse Raspberry Walnut Vineagrette

Fully drain mandrin slices, combine with lettuce, sliced bananas (these are optional but we liked it) and crushed walnuts. For a salad for 4 people you only need 2 tablespoons or 3 at best for the entire salad. You only want just enough to just very lightly coat and nothing in the bottom of the dish. Mix well and enjoy.

For a little change up I also had this for lunch yesterday and added some cubed chicken that I mixed in a little salt, pepper and Italian seasonings and then a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and I quick pan fried until done but not crispy to retain all the taste and moisture. I just threw the chicken in and mixed well and it was awesome!


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Foodtown thru 1-31-12

Hunt’s ketchup 24oz bottle $.99, fresh baby carrots 1lb bag $.69 and Colgate large tube 6.4oz $.99 (going to check if my coupons are still good for the toothpaste, if so only .50 for me)

If you want to check the Kroger ad for this coming week’s sale simply go to their website and change your location by using an ohio zip code. I use 43452, while the ad prices and items are not 100% identical it gives me a good idea of what to look for in my local ad and only with a few changes in items or prices.

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