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Think you’re getting a good deal?

So some stores have created “dollar days and or isles” and after using my shopping senses and double checking the prices on what I normally buy I have found that these are not really good buys all the time.

If you take the time you will find what I did. Example – a large retailer has put special isles in and I found my brand of dog biscuits on those isles.  The first thing I noticed was the price and then I looked at the total content I was purchasing.  What I found was that for $.50 more per box I was only getting about maybe a few more biscuits.  When I normally purchase my dog biscuits I have a coupon and it’s usually buy one get one free so even without my coupon I still come out cheaper buying 2 of my normal sized boxes.

What’s the lesson you say? Retailers are counting on people not to know and or check their prices and quantities and buy blindly believeing that the stores are giving us a “good deal” when in fact in most cases you are overspending your budget and not getting much for it.

Be careful and learn to either do the math in your head or take a calculator with you to the store before you get the nasty shock at the checkout.


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