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Sales come and go just about like clockwork every 12 weeks give or take but some things go without that period of rotation.

I shop heavily for meats, chicken and such during “seasonal sales” which like they sound come and go with the seasons.  This works wonderfully if you have a stand alone freezer of any kind.  For example: at Thanksgiving, naturally, turkeys were on sale cheap so being the smart shopper and knowing how much you can get for so little on your/my budget I bought 2 whole turkeys.  One I cooked for family and saved and froze all the leftovers that we did not use so I have all this for future use in menu rotations.  At Christmas I bought 6 hams and ended up cooking 2 of them for family holiday meals the rest…you guessed it…I put in the freezer for future menu rotations.

When holidays come around you can get some amazing deals on meats, chicken, fish, etc. and then everything else to with all of it to make your meals.  I save a ton on our budget shopping this way and the stores don’t get to entice me into spending pointless funds at normal or increased prices that I don’t want to pay.

Don’t let the stores control how you spend, take full control of your budget and make them work for you.  It’s possible and once you start shopping this way, you’ll never go back to impulse buying and you’ll be shocked at your menu and budget savings.


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