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Coupons Do Pay

I went to my local Kroger, Walgreens and HEB Market on Monday and Tuesday and I spent a total of $86.37.  My total purchase before coupons and card member savings was $185.28, I saved $98.91 with coupons and card savings and I restocked my toiletries and snacks for my family of 4 for the next 3 months.  I purchased a total of 62 items including 3 large canisters of Maxwell House coffee and 12 double rolls of Quilted Northern.

I also checked out a better way to organize my coupon collection and I believe I have found it.  I already used a binder so I went and purchased those pages that kids and adults use to keep their collection of trading cards.  Then I had to clip every single coupon out, mind you this was no small task considering my stack.  I sorted by general alphabet and then I put each coupon into the slots on the pages.

I also, since I analyze everything, went to the trouble of finding out how much I’d spent on newspapers over the past 6 months, what I spent on the binder and my coupon savings and my total coupon accumulation.  Below is how the numbers worked out:

  • $50.00 spent on newspapers 2 each Sunday for coupons only
  • $18.56 on trading card pages
  • -$137.88 savings on coupons and card savings
  • -$69.32 my profit on my hard work on couponing

Now those numbers for savings do not include my Oct, Nov and Dec savings as when we cleaned house for our holiday party my receipts got thrown out by mistake.  What I do know is that from October 30th through December 31st I spent a total of $350.00 and that total stockpiled my pantry, linen closet/bathrooms and deep freeze for a total of 3 months (we are still rotating out food from those months) which brings my monthly food bills for those 3 months alone to $166.67 per month for a family of 4 with 2 children we love dearly but we have named them Stomach #1 and Stomach #2 due to their food consumption amounts.

If you are one of those that thinks that couponing does not pay…I am here to tell you that IT DOES AND I MADE A PROFIT AT IT!!  I even purchased multiple Christmas presents with coupons which included games, cologne and a good electric rechargeable razor and more.  For Valentines Day we are using coupons to buy our special chocolates for each other for more savings.

Couponing not only pays when you take the time to do it but you can actually end up like with so many groceries that my dear sweet husband is putting more shelves up in our garage for items that will not fit in our pantry like my overage of canned goods and things that will not attract little unwanted pests.  Extra butter can be frozen (if you organize and make the room) and we love biscuits but refrigerator ones do not freeze well so we buy the ones that go in the freezer and make sure and keep the bags zipped tight against freezer burn.

If you have questions on freezeable items just ask and I’ll answer if I can.
Happy Shopping Everyone


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