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Kroger Catalina deals and more deals

Okay, have done some heavy research tonight on some items that I not only need but earn me money back WHICH IS ALWAYS A BONUS!!
Additionally, I will be going to Kroger very soon (like before my coupons run out and the  special runs out which will be next Tuesday at midnight) to get my deals and catalinas for cash off my next purchase.

1. Pillsbury catalina, if you can use them all the best buy is buy 6 get $4.00 off your next purchase of groceries. If you check your local store they will have all included items listed on the shelf tags, if you have problems send me a note and I’ll make a list here.

2. Quaker Chewy Granola Bars catalina, buy 4 @ $1.29 get $4 off your next grocery purchase

3. Post Cereal not a catalina deal but a good deal buy 4 get them for $1.50 each and get $4 off your current purchase.

Now keep these deal prices in mind when shopping:
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter at Kroger is currently $98 so any coupon makes it less than $1.00
Grands biscuits are the same price so since I currently have plenty of coupons for both I’ll be stocking up.

Kroger’s policy in the greater Houston area is coupons are tripled up at .39 cents and doubled up to .50 cents. I go through my store and calculate total coupon with sale price into final price in my head fast and snatch as much as I can. If math in your head is not your thing, that’s no big deal just take your handy calculator. If people look at you funny (I get it all the time) just let them watch you bring down that total at the checkout. That tends to really get everyone’s attention. I actually have a male cashier that’s my age roughly and he just loves to check me out and squeals every time I hand him my card and then he said his favorite part is my “stack of money savers” and he lets out a big whoop when we finish. I just love to visit when he’s there.


April 2, 2010 - Posted by | Beginners Getting Started, How To Shop and Save Lots of Money, Workshops/Lessons

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