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My Shopping Trip to Walgreens Today

Okay, today was absolutely nothing to brag about…but it wasn’t a total loss either.  Went to Walgreens and bought 2 Dove hair items-1 each shampoo and conditioner and those came with a $4 register reward which is like cash in your hand. Also bought 3 puffs tissues to add to my stock using walgreens store flyer coupon (will probably go back for 3 more tomorrow, will tell you why in another post) those were $.97 each add to that Barbasol and Skintimate his and hers shaving cream on sale for $.99 each and I bought 2 of each. Listerine 500ml bottles of Total Care were bogo 50% off and I had 2 coupons for $1.00 off each final items and then I needed mascara and my brand was 40% off (maybillene) and I had $1.00 coupon so it was $4.49 and then there was this boo boo by the store and me but their mistake was leaving the tag on the shelf I totally forgot that Cottenelle bath tissue had been on sale 12 rolls with walgreens store coupon for $1.00 off AND I had 2 more coupons of my own for $.50 each AND the register rewards sticker had not been removed and I didn’t realize it had expired March 31st. The register reward was for $5 on next purchase. I got all my items and coupons to my cashier and then the manager told me about the expired register reward and I told him I understood it was expired HOWEVER it was still attached to the shelf at the time (he actually removed it to show it to me) and I reminded him that it would be considered legally in my state false advertisement so since I was nice about it and I’m always in there and have never had a problem he gave me my extra $5 register rewards back in the form of $5 cash off the top of my current purchase…wooohoooo that made my day and brought my purchase to $41.51. Then I forgot about a prescription I had turned in and was waiting for so I went back in armed with my $4 register reward and got the prescription and on the way out went through the Easter isle and managed to get my 2 jumbo chocolate bunnies I needed for our daughters for $6.44 instead of $5 each so all in all not too bad but not my best by far.

Silver lining you ask? I stockpiled toilet tissue, shaving cream, tissues AND got my jumbo goodies from the Easter Bunny for pennies and I stockpiled the rest of my Easter candy basket items on Monday so I was happy.


April 2, 2010 - Posted by | My Shopping Trips and Savings

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