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Kroger Catalina Deals Combined with Coupons Make it Even Better

Just in case some of your don’t know what a catalina is, when you check out at walgreens or kroger, etc. sometimes the receipt machine will spit out coupons or give you information on upcoming specials. Those seperate receipts/coupons are called catalinas and they can be VERY beneficial to your budget. Here’s how:

Tomorrow’s Kroger trip for me will yield:

Trip #1 <> 6 boxes of Quaker Chewy Granola bars card sale price $1.29 ea with 2 $.75 off 2 coupons = $6.24 my cost PLUS $4.00 off my next order so I will go back in again
Trip#2 <> 6 Pillsbury Grands biscuits card sale price $.98 ea with 2 $.40 off that will double to $.80 ea and 1 $.75 coupon = $3.53 my cost So I go back in again…yes again…it gets better
Trip #3 <> 4 boxes Post Shredded Wheat card sale price $1.50 ea with no coupons BUT with $4.00 off next purchase catalina previously earned above = $2.00 my cost
Trip #4 <> 6 more boxes Quaker Chewy Granola bars again card price $1.29 ea & 2 Hunt’s ketchups card price $1.00 ea with 2 coupons for $.20 off that will triple so 2 coupons now worth $.60 ea PLUS 2 catalinas worth $4.00 ea = $.54 my total cost

Final total =
12 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
6 Pillsbury grands biscuits
4 Post Cereals
2 Hunts Ketchups
Grand Total = 24 items and lots of snacks for the kiddies that will be hidden and stockpiled for coming summer months with a FINAL COST OUT OF POCKET OF $12.31

I will also be checking out any additional catalina deals while in the store and writing them down, I heard about some but need to make sure before I go purchasing.

I also have items coming from HEB the same way except they do not give catalina deals so you have to work their store a little differently. Mostly items that you buy this items and get that item free in store special. I always keep coupon binder with me for this since I only buy the must purchase item with a coupon to keep the cost down and in return I get another item that I need free.


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