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Coupon Clarification Note from HEB

After getting aggravated at a recent HEB purchase involving coupons I wrote off for clarification on their coupon policy since it’s not posted on their website. Following is the summary of their response:

If you want to stack coupons at HEB the in store coupon must have an S on the lower bottom left corner of it and you need to ask the cashier to scan that type of coupon when they scan the item. Then at the end of the order/purchase you can use your own coupons for additional savings. If the coupon has an M in the lower bottom left corner it is provided to HEB by the manufacturer and you can not stack with it in any way.

Unfortunately, since I keep track of the coupons in the store, I checked the coupons I still had of theirs from our recent purchase and they all have the M on them so they are not subject to stacking. While this makes me sad that I can not get my additional savings I was very happy to get the clarification on their policy. I will print it out and keep it with my binder should I ever have anyone checking me out not know their policy. It helps when you have something in writing from the head office for them to see.

Happy Saving Everyone
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April 13, 2010 - Posted by | Beginners Getting Started, How To Shop and Save Lots of Money, My Shopping Trips and Savings, Workshops/Lessons

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