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New Kroger and Foodtown Ads and Saving Money

Got my new Kroger ad this morning on email and even though I was upset they don’t have the Mega Event going again if you have been hoarding your coupons like I have you can still make some good buys. I will go through and list these later.

Also, Foodtown in my area is having another good sale on red beans and rice from Tony Chacheres $.88 per box. My family and especially our kids love this stuff so last time I went late on the last day and still got 11 boxes (I wanted 12) but this time I will go tomorrow and get 14 or 20 since this stuff is non-perishable and super cheap and will be added to my stockpile in our garage that is getting quite large. They also have Hillshire farms sausage on sale for $1.49 per package so it’s time to restock my deep freeze with sausage cheap and the sausage and my hoarded hams from Easter sales (I ended up with 4 left over in freezer) this will go a long ways in stretching the red beans and rice. Every little bit helps.

I will be going through the sales and making my notes and matching hoarded coupons where it can be done to save money and posting it later.

Happy Wednesday and Happy Couponing Everyone!!


April 21, 2010 - Posted by | Beginners Getting Started, Workshops/Lessons

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