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My Apologies and Life in General

My Apologies to everyone for not posting for quite some time. This has been due to spine issues on my part. Several weeks ago I thought I had pinched my siatic nerve yet again, it turns out I re-herniated a disk I had surgery to fix in April 2006.

After much thought over my spine problem and the fix it will require I am beginning another blog mostly devoted to anyone who wants to discuss their medical issues, ask for suggestions, or like me for people who need to vent as we all need to do on occasion and do so annonamously or not. As soon as I have named my new blog I will post it here so everyone can find it.

I will do better to post my shopping deals but I will have to do so as time and my body/spine will allow. Please feel free to leave me comments, I get notified when I receive them and it will also be a reminder to get items posted so EVERYONE can save money like I do.

I will say this my last couponing trip was to Walgreens and I bought the following:
5 $1.99ea cans Skintimate shave gel
5 $1.99ea cans Edge save gel
4 $1.99ea containers of Wet Ones
2 $5.99ea packages of 12 Gillette disposable razors for her + 5 each free downloadable songs
2 $5.99ea packages of 15 Gillette disposable razors for him 
– 4 $.75off coupons for Skintamate
– 4 $.75off coupons for Edge
– 4 $.75off coupons for Wet Ones
-4 $2.00off ea coupon for razors
I bought the following way – all Skintamate shave gels + 2 Wet Ones + 2 packages of girlie razors with applicable coupons = my out of pocket expense $19.73 + I got back $10 in register rewards
Then I bought all the Edge shave gels + 2 Wet ones + 2 packages of the mens razors with applicable coupons = my out of pocket expense $19.73 + I got another $10 in register rewards and along with previously stockpiled shaving gels/foams for our family of 1 male and 3 females we will not need shaving creams for a few years or so.

Now you might ask why I even bothered spending the hard earned cash on any of this? I bought things that are never cheap on sale and cheaper with coupons and earned $20 in register rewards that will go towards our school supply needs like paper, pencils, etc that I will start stockpiling in a few weeks or sooner. We restocked toiletries we needed now and in the future for an amazing price and in return we earned cash back towards school supplies which are never cheap.

Take care all and I will keep the posts going and stay more on top of things. Please feel free to drop any type of line you like in the meantime.
The Shoppingjeannie


July 3, 2010 - Posted by | Beginners Getting Started, Health and Wellness, Life, My Shopping Trips and Savings

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