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With my pending spine surgery, I have been out doing some shopping for back to school items and my parents coming to help.

There are a few items that I will say ‘I thought I needed’ from Wal-Mart so I made the trip with our daughters. Let me just say WOW major mistake on many levels!

Our local Wally World (walmart) is in the process of changing it’s color and interior but unfortunately a large majority of their quality has gone farther south from an already cheap and bad selection.
Expensive calculators that fall apart when I open the package for the original AND the exchange of the original, and the cheap umbrella that we opened and it broke? I also noticed that the average simple straightforward coloring book no longer exists unless you want to spend $3 or more which is just ridiculous.

I am also tired of stores marking merchandise up and then marking it back down for “clearance”. Give me a break, cheap and tacky is what that is and shows you’re just really trying to get one over on your customers.

We as a household are spending more money with local businesses in our area and doing our best to get the best quality for our money and mass retailers unfortunately are not making the grade with us for the most part.

If you expect the average person to spend money in your store when your selection turns to mostly beyond cheap quality and all your own generic brands that were not that great before we hit the recession…think again. I have checked pricing at my local retail stores like HEB, Kroger, CVS and Walgreens and with very few exceptions I can honestly say that we simply can not afford to shop at Wal-Mart any longer due to price and quality.

It might take a little effort to shop the other stores but in the end we save roughly 40 to 70% and sometimes more on everything from groceries to accessories, clothes and everything in between and we live pretty good from our efforts.

Well, Kroger finally came out with a megal sale and I’ve done my research and hunted all my coupons down and made my list and counted my items and I will get the shopping done either tomorrow with the kids in tow or if I’m not up to that then I’ll just wait until the weekend and get it all done. Either way we save a bundle and get tons in return and get restockpiled on items we won’t need for several months again and all for a small amount of cash oop (out of pocket).


July 16, 2010 - Posted by | Beginners Getting Started, How To Shop and Save Lots of Money, Life

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