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Gear Up Folks ** The Sales Are Coming

So I keep up with holidays big time and I have already started my Christmas shopping last month. Now I have also noticed the stores, mainly Walgreens, putting out their Halloween candy and decorations. They also have a sale on some of the candy starting next week and if you have been keeping your Sunday coupon inserts there are also coupons out for the items going on sale already.

Look for the Walgreens sales ads and keep track of your Sunday inserts, except for this weekend due to the hoiday there won’t be any coupons, and you’ll be able to make out like a bandit like I will.

I am currently collecting ECB’s (extra care bucks) from CVS and RR’s (register rewards) from Walgreens on items I need and I plan to use them for purchasing candy. Don’t forget the golden rule at Walgreens with coupons and register rewards, you must have equal items with manufacturer coupons and register rewards even if it means hunting down an insignificant item for $.99 or less if you can find it. Check the nail isle as I have always found cheap nail files to help keep track with my register rewards and not lose money on the deal.


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