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Freezing Safely without the cost

Did you know that as long as the food item is not too hot you can use normal storage bags to freeze anything freezeable and just wrap it in freezer paper (found in the foil and plastic wrap sections of your local store) and make sure and fold it tight and seal with freezer tape and label it and you won’t get freezer burn and it will actually last longer as the freezer paper protects your food.

It’s cheaper than freezer bags and if you just want to freeze meat, fish, chicken or pork just wrap in a double layer of freezer paper and seal well (pull the paper up from the middle and fold down in small folds to seal well) and use a sharpie to date it and say what it is (mystery packages make for no meal planning and waste money) and it will last a lot longer for you and save you more money in the end.


September 17, 2010 - Posted by | Beginners Getting Started, How To Shop and Save Lots of Money, Workshops/Lessons

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