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Resale Shops and Halloween Costumes

So I had a fantastic idea last week and it lead us all to one of my favorite local resale shops that I just found. I priced out costumes at Wal-Mart but I just can’t afford cheap costumes that are not going to last for our girls.

We picked out bunches of “prom” type dresses and my only stipulation was the skirting needed to have lots and lots of fluff and petticoats. We found 2 beautiful dresses and they were both priced at $9.99 and $10.99. Since I keep lots of miscellaneous craft type supplies on hand I’m going to use extra fabric and lots of tulle by the roll and yard, some spray adhesive and some very fine dusting glitter that I have from a little girls store at the mall and I’ll be laying everything out over the next few weeks to bring it all together.

What is the goal of the costumes you might ask. Fairytale princess of course. My girls and I are still very into fairytails so they loved the idea AND the dresses can be used for when they love to play dress up and since they’re not made out of some cheap material, they will last longer and the price tag will be cheaper. The only items I will attach will be lots of ribbon. Everything added will be completely removeable and the original dresses will remain fully pristine and fabulous.

I also noticed a lot of childrens costumes hanging on their racks so it’s also a good place to shop for regular costumes for smaller children since they tend to be a little rougher on the outfits. If our girls were any younger it would not have worked very well and been much harder but they’ve grown a lot so it made for easier ideas and more budget friendly shopping.

I also bought a beautiful knee length black Liz Claiborne sweater to layer for the fall and winter. It was in pristine condition and it cost me $4.28 as opposed to the one my mother and I had been looking at in one of our favorite catalogs for $29.99 PLUS s&h. I can deal with the $4.28 price tag much better and I love it dearly.


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