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Baked Potatoes with a twist

In looking for bread at our local bakery outlet I looked at the Bear Creek packaged soups they carry. An idea hit me for a meal item so I bought the soup package for $2.49 and took it home. I got the broccli and cheddar by the way.

I took 4 potatoes and baked them, then I cooked the soup while the potatoes were cooking. I followed the package instructions BUT I left out 1/2 cup of the water to make it thicker.

Once the potatoes were cooked we added a little butter and then I ladeled the super thick soup over our potatoes for everyone.

WOW IT WAS A MAJOR HIT!!!!!!!!!!!! and that bag of potatoes (I bought the 10lb bag with the biggest potatoes in it I could find) that cost me $2.91 just paid for itself! If I can get 4 to 6 meals from that bag then it cost me $.73 per meal with 4 meals or $.49 per meal with 6 meals. That’s a good deal and not only easy on my budget but we enjoyed our nice comfort food dinner.

I also bought 2 loaves of Mrs. Bairds bread for $1.50 total so that saved me buying expensive bread at the regular store as well.

Yum, enjoy everyone.


January 11, 2011 - Posted by | Food and Cooking, Life

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