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Kroger Tips and Tricks to Slash Your Budget

I went and did a Kroger Mega Trip and yes I had to break my shopping items into 3 separate orders but that’s okay. Now if you are asking why I would need to do that, if you have a Kroger you use, you need to ask your manager (it varies store to store) how many coupons doubling and tripling are you allowed per transaction OR each time you check out. Mine allows up to 3 after that a $.25 coupon that would triple to $.75 would only get me the face value and I would rather have it tripled. It saves me more money.

Another item you might not know about, if you have a Kroger Plus Card go online to their site and register it and use it to your advantage. They allow and have digital coupons that can be used to stack with the coupons you clip, they are called e-coupons. For example; I had an e-coupon for Dove deordant for $2.00 and I also had 4 clipped coupons from my inserts worth $2 ea so not only did I get all 4 of my deodorant’s FREE but I also made a $2 profit that rolled into the rest of my grocery order. I really like it when I do that, it can save some major money if you do it right and they restock their coupons all the time.

Also, during the Mega Sales, watch your total items. The maximum $5 off they give you to get those really good prices is limited to total items. My store allows a total of 40 items therefore I separate my coupons and make multiple trips all at the same time. I made 3 trips to load the truck yesterday which might sound weird but I save a fortune.

When you register with Kroger, you will start every month or so getting coupons from them in the mail. I LOVE these coupons. There are always FREE items included. This time I got free eggs, salad, cereal and butter and then a lot of others that are good for their sales. Check their dates and keep them with your other coupons.  My last batch of freebies would have cost me $10.59 so that’s a big savings.

Keep Krogering and get all the freebies you can as well as cheap groceries. I am working on my Mega Trip List and will have it posted shortly.


February 7, 2011 - Posted by | Beginners Getting Started, How To Shop and Save Lots of Money, Workshops/Lessons

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