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Raspberry Steak Salad**Revised

I created a new dish in our household that received RAVE reviews from all

Make a nice salad with fresh romaine (or your preferred lettuce)
Do not add a ton of salad items or you will cause overkill
we add a few of the following items:
peeled and quartered cucumbers
fennel bulb
fresh sliced strawberries are really what makes the full taste of this salad come through meat, dressing and all.
Dress with Ken’s raspberry walnut vinegrette or wish bone’s raspberry hazelnut (this is what MAKES the dish)

Now grill your steak to your liking, in the winter I grill ours on our cast iron skillet to keep flavor in with a little extra virgin olive oil

Allow your steak to sit a few minutes to let the juices stay in the steak more
NOW, slice your steak into 1/4 to 1/2 inch strips and divide the strips of steak between your plates and eat all together.
My group gave this rave reviews and all but licked their plates and we were all full . The salad dressing gives the steak a nice flavor and does not detract as you would think.

I also gave my husband and I each a glass of red wine from South Africa called Jam Jar that has an undertone of raspberries in it and he loved it. He told me it really complimented the taste of the steak and salad just right so that they all just melted in his mouth. There was lots of quiet time while everyone ate.

Enjoy everyone


February 7, 2011 - Posted by | Food and Cooking

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