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Valentine’s Ideas on the cheap

Last year I surprised my family with a home-made smorgesborde and they loved it all!

I made a chocolate cake, actually I made 2 round cakes and I took my handy cake leveler and divided them each in 2 sections. First section on my cake pedestal and I used a ziplock baggie to pipe around the edges with homemade Buttercream icing (easiest recipe ever) then filled in the rest with raspberry fruit spread then next layer and just a nice thick layer of icing then layer #3 piped edges (this keeps the filling in the cake by the way) with the icing and filled in with strawberry spread then 4th and final top layer covered whole cake with buttercream then covered the top with fresh sliced and stacked strawberries. My entire cost was $1 for cake mix, $1.38 for powdered sugar, I had the butter, milk and good vanilla already (I love to bake, what can I say) $2.44 for a large container of fresh berries and $1.99 each for good fruit spread that gives it that little something of extra awesome they don’t expect.

I made the Raspberry steak salad for the dinner portion and I gave each daughter and then my fabulous hubby wonderful cards (got those with my extra care bucks at cvs). We all enjoyed it and enjoyed the not going out the most of all.

What about the dishes you might ask? That’s why as I go I put everything into the dishwasher and make it do all the hard work for me, and it doesn’t need any tip in the end and we got valuable family time out of it all that is irreplaceable and priceless in the end.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone


February 10, 2011 - Posted by | Food and Cooking, Life

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