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Menus for cheap

We have a new pay schedule therefore; we don’t get paid for another week and a half so here’s our basic cheap menu based on as little budget as possible and full tummys too.

It’s amazing what you can do with hamburger and keep it fresh so everyone loves it.

Sunday * cheeseburgers (bought the good cheese slices cheap at Kroger Mega sale for $.99 per mega package <> bought 8 packages and froze 6)
Monday * chicken piccata (already had the chicken so nice change up)
Tuesday * taco night
Wednesday * meatball stew
Thursday * Mom’s surprise
Friday * clean the frig night all the leftovers get eaten and my night off from cooking
Saturday * chicken baked
Sunday * whole baked chicken
Monday * meatballs and spaghetti
Tuesday * salisbury steaks with veggies

The only items purchased for it all was the burger. Had already purchased the chicken a few weeks ago and divided it all up and wrapped it all in freezer paper (cheaper than freezer bags and no frost-bite on food), salisbury steaks bought at mega sale, veggies same and the sauce.

This week I will be watching the ads like a hawk to see what meats go on sale and other items to help me overstock for the entire summer when kiddos are home and keep us on budget since then we have chemical expenses for pool to keep up with. We will have a good time and do it all cheaper and the kids are loving life each day with Mommy’s fabulous coupon shopping.

I will post my menus and the rull recipes by the end of the week for everyone. They are all in-expensive and good tummy fillers and that counts for growing children and hungry families on tight budgets.


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