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Extreme Couponing

While I enjoy and love my couponing, I will say this about those extreme couponers that I have watched on TLC.

I do my best to feed my family top quality home cooked meals 6 to 7 days a week. That means I spend a little more on quality beef that is 90/10 in fat content or better, ground turkey, pork , steaks and roasts along with chicken. That being said I also try to give them better quality snacks but I do buy (on occasion mind you, not all the time) the boxed fruit snacks.

I spend more on some things like fresh fruit and veggies due to the protein and flavor involved.

I coupon for personal care items mostly and buy quality cosmetics only. I do not care for wasting money on drugstore cosmetics.

I have noticed that extreme couponers buy a lot of what my household considers “JUNK”. I do not buy JUNK because it won’t be eaten and is a waste of money to me free or not.

We also rotate our entire stock of items that I do coupon for and therefore keep anything from going to waste. If we have something that would go bad and we’re not going to get to it then we would happily donate it to those in need. I don’t see any of that from the couponers, what I do see is lots of flat-out hoarding of groceries.

I stay prepared for summer break with the kids and our annual hurricane season as well but we are constantly rotating our stock of food items and personal care products to ensure things do not go out of date.

I would like to see some of the extreme couponers donate items to those in need especially with all the tornado’s going around, flooding, and home displacement from fires as well.


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