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Quick and Easy and cheap Carbonara

If you’re wondering “what is carbonara” I’ll break it down. Basically it’s bacon, eggs, some cream, cheese and pasta

I saw one of my favorite chefs try this and made it last night. It was another hit.

Cut bacon (it’s way cheaper than pancetta) into 1 inch chunks and render or fry down to get all the fat out. I added in zucchini and yellow squash quartered and diced bite size. Boil your pasta of choice, while it’s boiling use about 1 egg per person and put it all in one bowl. For my family 4 eggs, a large handful about 2/3  to 1 cup of good parmiganno reggiano finely grated cheese, about 1 to 2 tablespoons of cream (or I personally use half-and-half to make it a little lighter) per person. A dash of sea salt but not much since the cheese is very salty, dash of ground pepper. Mix and beat well but not frothy and when the pasta is done DO NOT DRAIN IT YOU WILL NEED THE WATER, put the pasta into the frying pan and mix well. Now slowly add in the egg mixture and keep mixing in the pan and to keep the eggs from getting too sticky due to the cream and cheese add in a ladle or 2 until you get the creamy texture you want.

Serve hot.


May 12, 2011 - Posted by | Food and Cooking

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