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Cheaper way to afford Bacon

We love our bacon in our household. We/I do not love the price tag it comes with. I tried something new last week after my hubby requested squash casserole (which requires bacon) so I bought a 4lb package of Wright brand ends and pieces for $6.99. That package worked so well we even had breakfast off of it Sunday morning as well. The only difference between that package and a package of bacon that would normally cost me $14.00 or more is that some of the pieces were thicker which makes them perfect for a pot of beans.

I did check at Wal-Mart and did not find any of this anywhere, I bought mine at our local chain that I will only call “k” and will buy the next package at our local HEB market since I know I’ve seen it there as well.

Next week is payday, plan to buy a couple of these packages for fall dishes and some breakfasts as well.


August 3, 2011 - Posted by | Food and Cooking, How To Shop and Save Lots of Money

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