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Resale Shops Another Deal I Couldn’t Believe

I went and dropped by one of my favorite resale shops yesterday just to see what she had in. I wasn’t really looking for anything specific BUT I did manage to find 2 amazing deals that I couldn’t believe.

Rowenta irons go for on average $60 and up, used they go for on average $26 in good condition. This pricing is due to their premier construction and good german engineering and they have the best steam capability on the market.

I found a Rowenta Powerglide with full upright steam capability at one of my favorite resale shops yesterday for a price I could not believe. It was marked $6.99 and since I know the owner I asked her to see if it worked and it worked beautifully steam and all! So out the door with tax it cost me $7.27 even my mother (of course I couldn’t not call and tell her about my amazing find) could not believe it being that she paid a whole lot more for hers. These irons last forever if you take proper care of them.

I also found, again by accident since I wasn’t looking for it, a nice recliner/rocker. It was in wonderful condition and worked like a charm and I sat in it to make sure it was comfortable for my back. It’s a Laz-e-Boy so that means it also is covered by a lifetime warranty and we took it home for $25 plus tax.

This was all found at my Garage Sale Resale shop at Kuykendahl and Louetta in the strip center behind the Kroger. They have lots more fabulous goodies if you are looking for anything go check them out. Some of my most amazing finds have been found here and usually when I’m really not looking for anything.


October 14, 2011 - Posted by | How To Shop and Save Lots of Money

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