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Okay folks, for anyone who doesn’t follow the news on shopping with a frugal budget pay attention.

Every morning on Good Morning America they have started giving shopping discounts daily but the only way you can get the steep discounts is to log on their morning show and hunt those deals down. With the steep discounts is can be really worth it.

Also, if you have not been keeping up, I will be posting the best ways to get some of the best deals. One way is of course to have rewards cards for any store you might buy from or shop at. Even if you only shop there once a year having that special card or being a member of their store can really pay off during the holiday shopping season. I already got some of my best deals back in July, yes I said July. Big Lots ran an unbelievable ad and there were 2 items we knew our kids would love so I went and snatched them nice and early.

I will go through the latest items and get the info posted so everyone can get their goodies at the discounted holiday prices.

Grocery sales for Thanksgiving should start right after Halloween so start looking for them next Tuesday. I will post sales for Kroger, Target, Randall’s and a few others as they hit. Look for canned goods, chicken broth, cookie supplies, cream cheese, and more.


October 28, 2011 - Posted by | How To Shop and Save Lots of Money

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