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Shopping 11/5/11 cost and savings

I talked my fabulous hubby and kiddos into helping (due to volume) with a massive ad matching trip at Wal-Mart yesterday. Here’s what we bought and our savings. We ad matched and included all the coupons possible for CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, Randalls, Dollar General:

Swanson chicken broth 32oz carton x 4 ** randalls
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter x 3 ** kroger
Eggo waffles x 4 ** kroger
Del Monte canned veggies ** kroger
corn 7
peas 6
green beans 11
Great Value stewed tomatoes 12
GV Kidney beans 4
Chili Mix 4
Libby’s green beans 8 ** dollar general
Puffs 6 ** cvs
Jif PB 3 ** cvs
Spaghettios 4 ** cvs
Libby’s pumpkin 8 ** cvs
Milk Bone dog bis in box 6 ** cvs
Milk Bone soft and chewy 3 ** free with every 2 boxes bought (these were 2.67 at walmart but free with all my coupons)
Dog Collar 1
Cheyenne pepper 1
Domino’s 4lb sugar 6 ** kroger
Rico la cough drops 4 ** kroger
Total of 105 items ** mostly canned goods

Actual cost before coupons $124.36
Savings with ad matching $21.48
Savings with coupons $28.69
Price we paid out the door for all of it$74.31    We saved with ad matching and coupons a total of $50.17 off our grocery bill. My husband was tired but he knows how much work I put into this trip and he said it was worth every cent we didn’t pay! He has all new appreciation for My Job.


November 7, 2011 - Posted by | My Shopping Trips and Savings

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