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Cashier Issues and Coupon Policies

When we did our large trip to Wal-Mart on Saturday if was a good experience and then we got to the check-out. Now that was a whole other experience.

I’ve run into the same problem before and usually it’s at this store BUT I will be the first to tell you that if you handle it correctly things will be properly handled in your favor and all your hard work will pay off.

When I have multiple ad matching I separate ALL my orders in my basket to make everything easier. I also paper-clip all my coupons to the ads they apply to and if I have coupons that are just by themselves and not involved in ad matching I keep them clipped separately as well. This really cuts down on mass confusion overall and everything goes faster.

When I handed the cashier my ‘stack’ of coupons I knew the whole transaction was not going to go well. Why you might ask? She started reading the fine print on the first coupon and making sure I had bought the item. She did this with each and every coupon. I understand they are required to check the coupons but when you are talking about 23 plus coupons this can take a long time. Mind you I spent 3 days organizing for this trip, with ad matching and pulling coupons out of my binder and to question all 23 coupons is a bit much.

Then I got the ‘your just stealing from the store’ attitude, and apparently that wasn’t bad enough. 2 different customer service managers got called on and the first one didn’t even look at the coupons she just told me ‘you can’t use those’ and really threw her attitude in my face. The second one told me how I wasn’t allowed to use dog biscuit coupons and stack them at the same time. I remained calm and said ‘your coupon policy does allow that to be done as long as I purchase one of the products and I bought the required 6 boxes to get the 3 free bags’ oh no you’re not allowed to do that. Then the same csm said fine she would ‘allow’ it, like she’s doing me a favor and scans and pounds the keypad.

After we left I looked at our receipt and realized she had not taken but 2 of the 5 dog biscuit coupons off AT ALL like she said. When we got home and unloaded everything and put it all away and organized it, I took my receipt, my copy of their coupon policy (I also highlighted where it said I COULD DO IT) every box and package of dog biscuits and I went back for my money.

I found a manager first off, lucky me, and I simply showed her my receipt and explained what I did and asked if it was allowed. Her first response was YES, per their policy IT WAS ALLOWED, second response she gave was WHO ALL WAS INVOLVED? I told her and I also informed her of the bad attitudes we got. She had the return cashier (who did know me and how hard I work for my savings legitamately) re-do the dog biscuit transaction and the manager went and got the coupons from the cashier who was still on duty and they fixed it all. Now towards the end of all of this the last csm actually came behind the counter with the cashier doing the transaction and made it a point to say to me ‘came back to return it all I see’ it was not to her benefit to do that. The cashier not only told her I could do it but showed her my copy of their coupon policy to prove it and showed her that she did not take my coupons off as she clearly stated she did. Her fatal mistake was coping another attitude right then and there and she didn’t see that manager come around the other end of the counter and look at me and point at the csm. I shook my head yes and that csm and the cashier both got called in the back office for a nice chat. She gave me her name and said she has no tolerance for employees treating coupon customers that bad and next time I have a problem (she gave me her name and schedule each week) tell the cashier to call her and nobody esle.

I also got a short list of the cashiers that are better to use with coupons.

Being vindicated felt really good and they ended up owing me $12.34 back that I knew we’d been shorted off the bill. There is no reason for bad attitudes with couponers who work so hard for our savings. We will stand up for our rights and not take it!

The one thing that really saved me was HAVING MY COUPON POLICIES HANDY FOLKS, keep those binders organized.


November 8, 2011 - Posted by | Workshops/Lessons

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