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Okay folks I am way behind my plans for posting this due to a nasty stomach flu bug that became rampant throughout my household this week but here it is even if it is a little late.

The beginning of the mega sales for SuperBowl have it! Kroger has a good sale to be ad matching at walmart, as does Foodtown. Now is the time to stock up on condiments like ketchup and mustard.  It’s also time to stock up on Hunt’s tomatoes by ad matching Kroger’s ad to Walmart and Daisy sour cream, kraft singles cheese (unless like me you stocked up heavily with the last foodtown ad at the lower price) Hormel Chili is another good stocking item and there were coupons for all of these in the Sunday inserts if you’ve been hoarding and organizing them correctly.

HEB has their boneless/skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.97 per lb and that’s a good deal and good stocking item. I have found a new wholesaler for chicken and beef and next time they have a sale I will buy some and let you all know the quality and pricing. You do need a deep freeze to use them as the chicken comes in a 40lb box (bulk) and runs $1.69 per lb so $67.60 a box but you can’t get that price anywhere.

Their ground beef is fine ground and comes 93/7 lean also in a 40lb box. I’m told it runs about $119 per case/box and runs about $2.69 per lb and again you can’t get that price tag anywhere else locally. Regionally available items so nothing shipped in from somewhere you’ve never heard of and all their items have good reviews. Company is called Zaycon Foods.


January 28, 2012 - Posted by | Current Sales

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