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Purina Alpo Review

Since I’m a couponer I decided to try a little something different on my beloved pooches and see how they liked it.

We bought Purina’s Dog Chow for our 3 1/2 year old golden retriever and 10 cans of the chunky meaty food to mix with it.

The first two nights went well and she ate with gusto and seemed to enjoy it. By the third night we noticed a little something different in her. She had just eaten her dinner and it had been about 20 minutes and she was just going crazy in our living room. We watched her and finally my husband and I both said ‘what’s wrong with her’?

It was at that point that I realized that she was acting like a child who can’t handle lots of sugar. It was like she was on a sugar high and she had developed a rash as well and could not stop scratching.

I went to the store and got her the other brand we have always fed our dogs and put her back on her regular diet and had to treat the rash and give her benadryl to counter the effects and now she’s back to normal.

Lesson learned, I (like an idiot) did not check the ingredient contents on the package of the Dog Chow. Now ingredients on anything are required by law to be listed by highest content to lowest. So when you see something and the first item on the list says for example ‘whole grain corn meal’ then the product is primarily comprised of that item and so on. Dog Chow has corn gluten meal listed as the third item on the bag. That means it’s full of sugar that our dog can not handle it.

We are back to our regular brand and maybe we’ll try something new again but next time we will be checking the labels before we buy so we make sure that ingredient is not listed at least so high on content.

What else does sugar do for your dog? It makes them fat and it’s harder to get the weight off your dog than it is to get it off your own body.


February 1, 2012 - Posted by | Product Reviews

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