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A Parent Coming to Grips with Life

I know someone that is an older parent and is very dearly loved by their child. This person has found something about themselves that was a hard thing for anyone to face.

Over the course of time and relationships they have finally come to grips with the fact that due to the era they were born into, their parent lived a hard life. The result of their life had a negative impact on their child. This negative impact had a very long term effect on the person I am referring to but the good news is now life is improving.

Now you might ask how is this possible and I’ll tell you, to get over things and to learn to forgive yourself is the first step you can take and this person has taken that major step in life and it has brought me to tears.

They have realized that the way they were for so many years really was no fault of their own. It was all due to the way in which they were raised and the people they were around which they had no control over. The result was parenting issues with their own children and they finally decided that they needed to realize that it’s better late than never to get to know their children and their families and their grandchildren.

I have dropped many a tear over the progression of this as it’s an amazing process for a person to go through and be able to forgive themselves first and those of us that have already gone through it not only understand it but are willing to forgive them and move forward with unconditional love and support and bring the arms of the family around them and embrace them for the enormously wonderful person they are known to be.

The end result is a wonderful relationship that is forgiving and based on unconditional love and support and a tighter family unit that will thrive for years to come.

It takes a big person to say “I messed up, please forgive me I’m here now” and they are going to be welcomed with open arms and so much love and support that they will never again feel like they are alone in life to deal with things.


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