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Schools and Bullying

In light of the recent school shooting, I am disgusted with the public school systems.

The majority of bullying goes on inside of and during school hours or on school grounds. Speaking from personal experience of my own the biggest problem I ran into was in the parent(s) are required to play by their district’s rules and follow their “Policies”.

Now what will following the majority of schools “policies” get you? I can tell you first hand, NOTHING.

I’ve had teachers over the years tell me things like ‘your child brought this on themselves’ and that’s my favorite saying. The teacher that said it to me (actually there have been about 6 different teachers that have said this to me and this child is still in school) was shocked when I replied to their complete lack of taking responsibility for dealing with this during class when it happened “are you stupid or just lazy”.

Schools, their staff and administration do not want to be held legally accountable for the actions of children in their daily care but they do expect each parent to be accountable for every minute of every day even if they are at school.

You hear a lot of ‘where were the parents’ but you never hear ‘where was the teacher when this went on during their class?’

Now what blows my mind is the recent shooting and they are looking to blame the parents but not asking why the school administration did nothing and the students said it went on right in front of the administration and it’s staff but nothing was done so it escalated to a shooting? That’s completely irresponsible on the schools part. If they had tried to stop it and communicated with all the parents of both the child being bullied and the children guilty of doing the bullying this probably would not have happened. But doing all that means the school system would have to be responsible for what went on and they don’t want that responsibility.

People, crack down on the bullies and defend the victims and stop blaming the victims!


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Organics – The New Movement and the Problem

So our wonderful first lady and all the celebrities want us all to eat more fruits and veggies AND they want us to go as “organic” as possible.

While this sounds great, none of these people have given one iota of thought to the NORMAL average household budget and what it will and will not support.

Now you may say, but it’s good for us and we need to do this, while I agree I can tell you first hand that my household budget will not support even half of the new “choices” they all want us to make and changes to our shopping and eating. People with very little money to spend on groceries have to think not just about what they are buying but how far can they make it stretch? We used to have a whopping budget of $80 a week and that included what I could turn into baby food since our second daughter was just coming off the bottle. I can assure all those that want us to buy organic or more fruit and veggies that my $80 budget would not have gone far if I had done that. I had to find creative ways to feed our family of 4 plus our beloved dog. It isn’t easy on that amount.

If they want us to eat more organics and fruit and veggies in general then they need to look at the pricing versus the “normal average family budget” and rethink that shelf pricing. Most people couldn’t afford to do it BEFORE the recession and housing bust hit and not it’s worse than ever so it’s even less likely to happen.

Come live our reality and walk a mile in our shoes before you start demanding what we do with our hard earned small amount of earnings, then we’ll discuss it.

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