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Sunday Coupons for 4/1/12

This is yet another good weekend to buy multiple papers or use a good reliable clipping service. There will be multiple inserts and the coupon grapevine has it that we may also be getting another P&G insert.

This means that you need to check your current P&G insert and use all the coupons for any deals out there as they will expire on Saturday.

I have found another highly rated clipping service that I will be using for all my future coupon orders. This lady is in north Texas and her prices are much more user-friendly and since she’s in Texas you should/will get your order(s) faster.

Here is her coupon page:

I will be posting some deals when I get my sneak-peaks tomorrow for anyone interested.


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Coupons and The Internet

For those of you that don’t want to order more than one newspaper I do have a recommendation.

Get one newspaper, find out if there are any coupons for items that you use a lot. My example is I use a good bit of dog food, therefore, I order units (there are usually 10 to 20 coupons per unit) of coupons from Top Rated sellers off Ebay. I try to only order from top rated sellers and I always use the Buy It Now option as I do not like to wait to see if I won the bidding process. I just can’t stand to waste the time AND if a sale comes up while the bidding process is open then you just missed out.

Search Ebay for coupons and take a wide-eyed look at what’s available. You are paying the clipping servers for their time in cutting these out for you and when there are a lot of coupons to be clipped it can be worth your while. I bought 10 coupons for Ben-Gay the large ultra strength tube and they were worth $5 each towards the end of last year. I used some locally to me at my walmart and took the rest on vacation to see my parents. They use this stuff heavily as well. Since I had already fully stocked my own household  on this item I used the remaining coupons and bought some for them to keep. Now the jumbo tube I bought sells for $6.83 so 10 tubes would have cost me $68.30 plus tax but buying the coupons cost me $4.66 but saved me $50.00 so if you take the total cost and include all my expenses I paid $1.83 per tube add in the $4.66 making each tube $2.30 but overall I saved a total of $45.30 even with purchasing the coupons online. That is a huge savings.

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Gifts, Groceries and More

Okay folks, for anyone who doesn’t follow the news on shopping with a frugal budget pay attention.

Every morning on Good Morning America they have started giving shopping discounts daily but the only way you can get the steep discounts is to log on their morning show and hunt those deals down. With the steep discounts is can be really worth it.

Also, if you have not been keeping up, I will be posting the best ways to get some of the best deals. One way is of course to have rewards cards for any store you might buy from or shop at. Even if you only shop there once a year having that special card or being a member of their store can really pay off during the holiday shopping season. I already got some of my best deals back in July, yes I said July. Big Lots ran an unbelievable ad and there were 2 items we knew our kids would love so I went and snatched them nice and early.

I will go through the latest items and get the info posted so everyone can get their goodies at the discounted holiday prices.

Grocery sales for Thanksgiving should start right after Halloween so start looking for them next Tuesday. I will post sales for Kroger, Target, Randall’s and a few others as they hit. Look for canned goods, chicken broth, cookie supplies, cream cheese, and more.

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Resale Shops Another Deal I Couldn’t Believe

I went and dropped by one of my favorite resale shops yesterday just to see what she had in. I wasn’t really looking for anything specific BUT I did manage to find 2 amazing deals that I couldn’t believe.

Rowenta irons go for on average $60 and up, used they go for on average $26 in good condition. This pricing is due to their premier construction and good german engineering and they have the best steam capability on the market.

I found a Rowenta Powerglide with full upright steam capability at one of my favorite resale shops yesterday for a price I could not believe. It was marked $6.99 and since I know the owner I asked her to see if it worked and it worked beautifully steam and all! So out the door with tax it cost me $7.27 even my mother (of course I couldn’t not call and tell her about my amazing find) could not believe it being that she paid a whole lot more for hers. These irons last forever if you take proper care of them.

I also found, again by accident since I wasn’t looking for it, a nice recliner/rocker. It was in wonderful condition and worked like a charm and I sat in it to make sure it was comfortable for my back. It’s a Laz-e-Boy so that means it also is covered by a lifetime warranty and we took it home for $25 plus tax.

This was all found at my Garage Sale Resale shop at Kuykendahl and Louetta in the strip center behind the Kroger. They have lots more fabulous goodies if you are looking for anything go check them out. Some of my most amazing finds have been found here and usually when I’m really not looking for anything.

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Cheaper way to afford Bacon

We love our bacon in our household. We/I do not love the price tag it comes with. I tried something new last week after my hubby requested squash casserole (which requires bacon) so I bought a 4lb package of Wright brand ends and pieces for $6.99. That package worked so well we even had breakfast off of it Sunday morning as well. The only difference between that package and a package of bacon that would normally cost me $14.00 or more is that some of the pieces were thicker which makes them perfect for a pot of beans.

I did check at Wal-Mart and did not find any of this anywhere, I bought mine at our local chain that I will only call “k” and will buy the next package at our local HEB market since I know I’ve seen it there as well.

Next week is payday, plan to buy a couple of these packages for fall dishes and some breakfasts as well.

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Kraft Catalina at Kroger thru 3/15/11

I got a catalina offer at Kroger 2 nights ago. Spend $20 (before coupons not after) on any mix of kraft items and get $5 catalina coupon to spend on your next order.

If you don’t know what this means, you find the items (I look for the cheapest with coupons) you want and use both digial and clipped coupons to save a bunch. Your $20 requirement is prior to coupons, so if you manage to pull that total down to let’s say $10 or $5 dollars with coupons you still get the catalina for $5 to use on your next order. You can use the $5 cash coupon to go right back in and do it all again since I do this all the time wihtout any problems.

Here’s the Kraft items covered:
Mayo, miracle whip, maxwell house, oscar meyer, oreos, velveeta, single cheese slices & chunk cheese cubes, philly cream cheese, planters, bbq sauce, wheat things, tricuits, jello, salad dressing, mac-n-cheese dinners & cups and deluxe dinners, jet-puffed marshmallows, velveeta shells and cheese, chips ahoy cookies, nilla wafers, newtons, ritz and honey maid crackers, oscar meyer lunchmeant and carving board meats.

The dates given for this promotion are from 3/6/11 thru 3/15/11. The coupons will be good for 1 to 2 weeks after the promotion for you to use them on other items but watch for the expiration date at the top.

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Kroger Tips and Tricks to Slash Your Budget

I went and did a Kroger Mega Trip and yes I had to break my shopping items into 3 separate orders but that’s okay. Now if you are asking why I would need to do that, if you have a Kroger you use, you need to ask your manager (it varies store to store) how many coupons doubling and tripling are you allowed per transaction OR each time you check out. Mine allows up to 3 after that a $.25 coupon that would triple to $.75 would only get me the face value and I would rather have it tripled. It saves me more money.

Another item you might not know about, if you have a Kroger Plus Card go online to their site and register it and use it to your advantage. They allow and have digital coupons that can be used to stack with the coupons you clip, they are called e-coupons. For example; I had an e-coupon for Dove deordant for $2.00 and I also had 4 clipped coupons from my inserts worth $2 ea so not only did I get all 4 of my deodorant’s FREE but I also made a $2 profit that rolled into the rest of my grocery order. I really like it when I do that, it can save some major money if you do it right and they restock their coupons all the time.

Also, during the Mega Sales, watch your total items. The maximum $5 off they give you to get those really good prices is limited to total items. My store allows a total of 40 items therefore I separate my coupons and make multiple trips all at the same time. I made 3 trips to load the truck yesterday which might sound weird but I save a fortune.

When you register with Kroger, you will start every month or so getting coupons from them in the mail. I LOVE these coupons. There are always FREE items included. This time I got free eggs, salad, cereal and butter and then a lot of others that are good for their sales. Check their dates and keep them with your other coupons.  My last batch of freebies would have cost me $10.59 so that’s a big savings.

Keep Krogering and get all the freebies you can as well as cheap groceries. I am working on my Mega Trip List and will have it posted shortly.

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Resale Shops are the Best and I Found Another One

I  just love my resale shops and all the goodies I find at them. I have found another one. If you would like some nice clothing, purses, shoes and more check out:

A Shopaholics Dream resale Store at 16460 Kuykendahl Suite 210

I found the most beautiful earings and some fabulous tops and rings as well. I will definately be going back for more. I believe in supporting my local resale shops and in turn I get some nice additions to our household for a fraction of the original price.

Check it out folks and enjoy your boutique shopping experience, I know I did. Wonderful place.
The Shoppingjeannie

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New Ads Are Out

I have not only my current grocery store sales ads but a few goodies for everyone as well.

I will be posting the sales items for Kroger, HEB, Walgreens, CVS and Albertsons as well for everyone later today. I will also tell you with coupon inserts I find teh coupons in; Redplum or Smartsource.

Fall sales are coming everyone so get ready to re-stock your pantries and freezers.

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HEB Shopping Trip Wednesday

So I spent a few hours yesterday morning doing mass coupon clipping after I got my sales ads on email and since I needed something for dinner here’s what I bought:

2 Tyson breaded chicken breasts bags on sale for $6.98 ea
2 Red Barron pan pizzas $5.98 ea
4 Athenos crumbled feta cheese $4.98 ea
1 Stouffer’s party size lasagna $11.09
1 Hill Country Fair salad dressing $1.04
1 Hill Country Fair 8oz garlic bread $1.29
1 Juciy Juice bottle $1.99
1 Package premium romaine garden salad $2.38
– 2 $1 off each tyson chicken
-2 $5.98 in store meal deal buy tyson chicken get red barron free
-2 $4.98 in store buy 1 athenos crumbled feta get one free
-2 $1 off each manufacturers coupons for athenos feta
-1 $1 off manf coupon for Stouffers party size lasagna
-1 $1.29 HCF garlic bread for Stouffers meal deal
-1 $2.38 Romaine garden salad for Stouffers meal deal
-1 $1.04 HCF salad dressing for Stouffers meal deal
-1 $1.99 Juicy Juice for Stouffers meal deal

Saved $33.62 PAID OUT OF POCKET $30.01 AND I have more coupons for the stouffers deal and lots more coupons for the tyson deal Also have coupons for the following:

PF Chang’s meal deal 7.98 -$2 (I have 3 of these coupons so I’ll be getting three meal deals on this)
Get free 16oz steamable rice and 6 count fruit bars

Bertolli meal deal $6.88 – $1 (I have at least 2 of these so meal deal times 2 at minimum)
Get free 1 pint ben & jerry’s ice cram

Yoplait frozen smoothie $2.88 – $1 (I have 6 of these so 6 meal deals)
Get free Yoplait original yogurt 4pk, 6oz cups free

Dole fruit bites $2.69 – $1 (I have 6 of these)
Buy Kool Aid 5 for $1 – buy 10 get 4 free (I have 2 of these so I’ll be buying 28 total and only paying for 20)

Check out your local HEB and go through those coupons they are having a fantastic sale and save yourself some major cash off your budget
The Shoppingjeannie

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