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I love my Walgreens trips! 2-14-12

Went to Walgreens today to do a register reward purchase and boy did I do well! Here’s how it went and what I bought:

3 Vicks Naturfusion’s on sale for $5.99 – 3 P&G insert coupons worth $3 each
3 Puffs with Lotion $.99 ea – 1 P&G insert coupon for $.25
2 bags Girhadelli chocolates for my daughters for V-day at 2 for $7
$27.94 – $9.25 in P&G coupons
also used $8 register reward from my blink tears and $5 register reward from my Alkeselzter and paid

$5.69 out of my pocket AND got back $5 in register rewards for buying the P&G items

With the register reward I got back I actually bought it all for $.69 I LOVE MY COUPONS!!!!!!!!!!!


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Foodtown match at Walmart 1-31-12

I had a few coupons that I did need to use and use the items all the time so I did a last minute ad match on Foodtown’s ad at Walmart tonight and here’s how it went:

2 Cascade trial sizes $.97 ea – 2 q’s for $.25 ea
2 Always Infinity 16ct $4.18 ea – 2 q’s for $2 ea
2 Colgate 6.4oz Foodtown ad match for $.99 (walmart’s price was $1.50) – 2 q’s for $.50 ea
4 French’s 14oz mustard Foodtown ad match for $.88 (walmart’s price 1.88) – 2 q’s for $.30 ea
1 gal milk $3.48

SAVED $6.10 in coupons and $5.02 in ad matching

PAID $13.18 plus tax

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Kroger last minute trip 1-17-12

Much as I hate to admit it I had to make a Kroger trip yesterday due to special deals on several items I needed.

Here’s what I bought:

3 Tide 32loads sale price $4.99 – 2 p&g coupons for $2 ea & 1 digital coupon from kroger loaded to my card
4 Bounce dryer sheets $3.99 – 2 p&g coupons for $1.50 off 2
1 Dawn large bottle $1.79 – $.25 p&g coupon
9 Charmin 12 double rolls packs $5.99 – 8 coupons for $2 ea from machine inside store a few months back
2 packages Sargento shredded cheese $1.79 – 2 coupons for $.50 ea
1 large can Pam cooking spray $2.99 – 1 digital coupon loaded to my kroger card

Total before in store savings $131.70
Coupon savings I clipped $28.00
Store card savings $39.98

My Actual Cost out the door $63.72


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Shopping 11/5/11 cost and savings

I talked my fabulous hubby and kiddos into helping (due to volume) with a massive ad matching trip at Wal-Mart yesterday. Here’s what we bought and our savings. We ad matched and included all the coupons possible for CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, Randalls, Dollar General:

Swanson chicken broth 32oz carton x 4 ** randalls
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter x 3 ** kroger
Eggo waffles x 4 ** kroger
Del Monte canned veggies ** kroger
corn 7
peas 6
green beans 11
Great Value stewed tomatoes 12
GV Kidney beans 4
Chili Mix 4
Libby’s green beans 8 ** dollar general
Puffs 6 ** cvs
Jif PB 3 ** cvs
Spaghettios 4 ** cvs
Libby’s pumpkin 8 ** cvs
Milk Bone dog bis in box 6 ** cvs
Milk Bone soft and chewy 3 ** free with every 2 boxes bought (these were 2.67 at walmart but free with all my coupons)
Dog Collar 1
Cheyenne pepper 1
Domino’s 4lb sugar 6 ** kroger
Rico la cough drops 4 ** kroger
Total of 105 items ** mostly canned goods

Actual cost before coupons $124.36
Savings with ad matching $21.48
Savings with coupons $28.69
Price we paid out the door for all of it$74.31    We saved with ad matching and coupons a total of $50.17 off our grocery bill. My husband was tired but he knows how much work I put into this trip and he said it was worth every cent we didn’t pay! He has all new appreciation for My Job.

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My HEB Trip Wednesday

I found some good yogurt covered mini pretzels in the clearance section the other day and bought one package to see how good they were. I went back Wednesday morning early and cleaned them out. Those were fantastic! They were a huge hit with my entire household. Here’s what I bought and what I paid. Let’s just say it really paid for me to make the trip.

10 boxes Lipton chicken noodle soup (2-3 cup packages per box) clearanced to $.32 ea {normal price is $2.19 per box)
7 boxes Central Market cornbread stuffing clearanced to $.25 ea {normal price $2.99 per box)
10 party trays of yogurt mini pretzels clearanced to $2 ea {normal price $4.98 each}

Should have paid $92.63 BUT AFTER CLEARANCED I PAID $24.95 FOR IT ALL  {saved $67.68}

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My Wal-Mart Trip Today

I knew all my coupons for my Nivea body wash were going to expire this weekend so I made a final attempt at going to walmart to get it all. Finally they had restocked. Here’s what I bought:

3 Nivea body wash for women at $3 each
3 Nivea body wash for men at $3 each
2 Zest body wash at $2.74 each
-6 coupons for the Nivea worth $3 each (for a total of $18)
-2 coupons for $1 off each
Starting total was $25.42
Coupon savings -$20.00

Making my total oop (out of pocket) cost $3.77

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Walgreens Trip

My walgreens trip today

4 Right Guard body wash at buy 1 get 1 free
-2 coupons buy 1 get 1 free (making my total cost for all 4 FREE)
2 4 packs of Bic Soleil razors
-2 coupons at $3 each
2 Always Infinity pads mega boxes
– 2 coupons for $1 each
Total out of pocket cost for all $21.62 AND since I did 4 transactions to get all my register rewards I ended up with $8 back to use on my next trip. $21.62 -$8RR = 13.62

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Walgreens Coupon Trip

Went to Walgreens and got

Trip #1
2 boxes of Excedrin Migraine on sale for 2/16.48
– $1.50 off any 80 count or higher
– $1.50 off any 80 count or higher
Paid $14.59 and got $5 back in register rewards

Trip #2
6 bottles of Head and Shoulders 2-in-1 shampoo plus conditioner
2 Dawn dish liquids
1 box splenda packs
2 can srubbing bubbles shower foamer
– $5.49 buy 1 get 1 free on head and shoulders
– $5.49 buy 1 get 1 free on head and shoulders
– $5.49 buy 1 get 1 free on head and shoulders
– $.25 coupon on dawn
– $.25 coupon on dawn
– $3 coupon for splenda (on sale for $2.99 so FREE to me)
– $.75 coupon for scrubbing bubbles
– $.75 coupon for scrubbing bubbles
– .50 in store coupon booklet on scrubbing bubbles
– .50 in store coupon booklet on scrubbing bubbles
– $5 in register rewards received on first purchase
PAID OUT OF POCKET $9.18         SAVED $43.21

Will all be added to our stockpile in garage and linen closet. Folks don’t forget, if you live in a hot climate like I do here in Texas you can not store canned goods, bottled sauces and aerosols in your garages or they will go bad and/or explode. All my items like this are stored in our house with the rest of the heat-resistant items in our garage.

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My Easter Shopping Trip

So I thought I would share with you how I Easter shopped with coupons at Walgreens.
Here’s what I bought and the total I paid for it all:
4 bags of Hershey minis
12 Russell Stover single eggs (6 carmel and 6 truffle)
3 Reese’s eggs
2 Mentos gum
4 bags Mars minis
2 snickers minis
4 butterfinger eggs singles
2 very large chocolate bunnies
Total before coupon stacking and register rewards being applied
-$51.32 Walgreens coupons, manufacturer coupons and register rewards used
I paid out of my pocket $3.17 for all of it and most of that total is tax

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Kroger Savings and Dog Food 3/1/11

So I went to Kroger yesterday to get some of the Daytona sale items and also had a purpose. I needed more Pedigree dog food and they had it as part of the Sale.

4 boxes Betty Crocker fruit snacks @ 1.69 ea
17 cans Chef Boyardee @ .56 ea
8 bottles Kraft bbq sauce @ .70 ea
4 large tubs Country Crock @ 1.99 ea
2 packages Pillsbury choco-chunk cookies @ 2.19 ea
4 boxes Heft Zip bags @ 1.19 ea
1 mega pack Bounty paper towels
3 bags 20 lbs each bag Pedigree dog food (that’s 60 pounds total mind you, a lot of food)

I used kroger digital coupons and combined them with my clipped coupons from the inserts. Now you are asking just how much did I spend out of pocket? Well, when it was all said and done I got it all for $60.55

Now, consider that I made 4 separate purchases and I did this for good reason. For each purchase of 10 items I not only got the really good sale prices BUT I also got a catalina coupon good for another $3 and I ended up with a grand total of 5 of these.

Just the dog food at Walmart normally runs about $12 per bag, take that and multiply by 3 and that’s at the cheapest point $36 and normally it’s closer to $13 a bag. Either way after I did the math I ended up paying $13.07 FOR 60 POUNDS OF DOG FOOD and it will last us a minimum of 6 months and we won’t be opening any of the bags for another month so we’re good on pooch food until at least Sept.

Now…for the new sale….goodies, freebies, and I am craving tomatoes so will have to spend a little on those jems.

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