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A Parent Coming to Grips with Life

I know someone that is an older parent and is very dearly loved by their child. This person has found something about themselves that was a hard thing for anyone to face.

Over the course of time and relationships they have finally come to grips with the fact that due to the era they were born into, their parent lived a hard life. The result of their life had a negative impact on their child. This negative impact had a very long term effect on the person I am referring to but the good news is now life is improving.

Now you might ask how is this possible and I’ll tell you, to get over things and to learn to forgive yourself is the first step you can take and this person has taken that major step in life and it has brought me to tears.

They have realized that the way they were for so many years really was no fault of their own. It was all due to the way in which they were raised and the people they were around which they had no control over. The result was parenting issues with their own children and they finally decided that they needed to realize that it’s better late than never to get to know their children and their families and their grandchildren.

I have dropped many a tear over the progression of this as it’s an amazing process for a person to go through and be able to forgive themselves first and those of us that have already gone through it not only understand it but are willing to forgive them and move forward with unconditional love and support and bring the arms of the family around them and embrace them for the enormously wonderful person they are known to be.

The end result is a wonderful relationship that is forgiving and based on unconditional love and support and a tighter family unit that will thrive for years to come.

It takes a big person to say “I messed up, please forgive me I’m here now” and they are going to be welcomed with open arms and so much love and support that they will never again feel like they are alone in life to deal with things.


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Sunday Coupons Inserts 1/28/12

This is a good weekend to load up on coupons. We will have redplum, smartsource and a p&g and possibly 2 redplum inserts. I will get buying at least 4 papers possibly 6. Make sure you get your coupons this weekend.

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HEB New Sale Week of 8/30/2010

HEB has Colgate toothpaste and Colgate toothbrushes on sale for $.99 this week and with coupons for $1.00 or $.75 that makes them FREE or $.25 ea, whoohoo. I’ll be looking for more cheap and free items.

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CVS Sale & Coming Sale

I have found the preview of next week’s sale for CVS, I was going to buy Avatar yesterday but something just told me to hold off and I’m glad I did. You can get it for $4.99 if you buy $15 worth of any of the following products:

General Mills cereals @ $2.49ea
Maxwell House Coffee (jumbo size) @ 5.99ea
All Laundry detergent @ 2 for $7.00
Quilted Northern bath tissue @ $6.99ea
Lorna Dune/Newton cookie snack paks @ 5 for $5.00
Cokes @ 3 for $11
Hagan Dase/Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pints @ 2 for $6.00

The best deals on these would be to buy either a mixture of the General Mills cereals all with coupons and or the Maxwell House coffee with any coupons that would drop the price to less than $5 or even 2 coffees and the rest in cereal depending on your household wants and uses.

If you would like to see the entire coming sale here’s the link:

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If you are interested in more information I am pulling together some items in a word document that can be emailed.  Additionally, I can send the attachments to you in email and contact you during the day and have a lesson over the phone as you go over the information I send.

If you are local to me in the Spring, Texas area I am happy to come to your home or you may come to mine and we can have a course in person. I can have 3 or 4 people during daytime hours while everyone is at school and work but don’t have room for more than that.

I do this at no charge to anyone interested and I will give you websites to visit and budget information and examples of what I have done and how I have done it.

Keep in mind, I rarely buy generic products for my household. I save so much money with coupons that I actually spend less than I would on generics and buy quality instead.  Now I do not knock generics, I have a few items I will swear by on generics and a very few stores as well. I have never come across any Hill Country Fare item in my local HEB that was not quality and then again the very rare items I will buy at wal-mart (and I do mean rare, I hardly ever go into wal-mart anymore) are the Equate brand and are equal to the name brand without the price tag and larger quantity.

Feel free to contact me here and leave me a note and I will get back to you on any questions you have.

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Everyone watch out for you Easter grocery sales flyers due out tomorrow. I will be downloading and printing and making my lists starting early at 7am (I get them all in early morning email so I have them when I get up) and believe me I will be looking for stockpile items!

There should be good deals on cream of mushroom soup, hams, green bean casserole items, and all our favorites plus extras so it will hopefully be a good time to restock meat, pork, and many other areas.

I will post good sales and coupon matches.

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Last Chance Shopping at Kroger Today

Since their current sale ends at midnight I realized after going through the new coupons from Sunday’s paper I had FREEBIES to go get. So I made a very specific list and only bought things off my list. Here’s my purchase with savings:

Speedstick deordant $0.99 $(1.00) Free from doubled coupon
Speedstick deordant $0.99 $(1.00) Free from doubled coupon
Softsoap body wash full sized $2.49 $(0.75) My cost $1.74
Softsoap body wash full sized $2.49 $(0.75) My cost $1.74
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter $0.98
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter $0.98 $(1.00) My cost for both $.50
Smartbalance Sour Cream $1.49 $(1.00) My cost $.50
Pam Cooking Spray $1.99 $(0.75) My cost $1.24
Pam Cooking Spray $1.99 $(0.75) My cost $1.24
Maxwell House Coffee (jumbo size) $5.49
Maxwell House Coffee (jumbo size) $5.49 $(1.00)My cost for both $9.98 OR $4.99 each
Wesson Cooking Oil large size $1.99 $(1.00) My Cost $1.00
Wesson Cooking Oil large size $1.99 $(1.00) My Cost $1.00
Kroger Value Crushed tomatoes 2 large cans $1.98
Snyder Pretzels (jumbo bag size) $1.99 $(1.00) My Cost $1.00
My Total BEFORE savings was $58.10
I paid out of pocket $23.26 SAVINGS WITH CARD AND COUPONS $34.84 AND I GOT 2 speedstick deodorants to add to my stockpiles for FREE.

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New Shopping Week!!

I’m going to see how many items I can get for the smallest amount of money this week. Lots of freebies are my goal as well as pennies on the dollar.

My stockpiles currently for toiletries alone include:

9 tubes colgate toothpaste and combined I paid $.50 for 2 of them the rest were free
4 bottles shampoo mixed brands I paid $2 for all of them
4/3packs of Irish spring bar soap and I paid $1 for 2 of them
4 packages of Always maxie pads and I paid $3.39 for all of them and they are the big packs
5 deodorants and I paid $1.50 for all of them
5 tubes of Olay facial cleanser and I paid $4 for all of them combined
8 tubes of Loreal sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair and I paid $14 for all of them
1 box of Kashi Go Lean Cinnamon ceral that I got for FREE and I have 3 more coupons for $1.50 off each additional box so I will be going to HEB for 3 more boxes as they have them on sale for $2.75 each making my cost $1.25 each totaling out at $3.75 for 4 combined boxes.
I will be posting my purchases as I go with my savings. I’m really excited.

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My Coupon Binder

Here is how I keep all my coupons organized and I always take it shopping and just flip it open and I used post-it tabs to alphabetize it and I do it by brands so everything is easy to locate.

This makes my shopping easy and allows me to maximize my savings by having things at the flip of my fingertips.

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Today’s Shopping Trip!!

Here’s what I bought

2 Kellogs Fruit Loops
4 Ken’s Steakhouse salad dressings
Kellogs Frosted Flakes
Triscuit crackers
Ritz crackers x2
4/3pks of Irish Spring bar soap
Arm & Hammer baking soda
2 Imperial sugar bags
Dawn dishwashing liquid-jumbo size
2 Tide HE liquid detergants
6 Smartblance margarines
2 Frank’s hot sauce {these were both free}
4 Del Monte’s stewed tomatos
2 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce
1 Gallon Milk
6 Koolaide packets sugar free
4 Nestle bars full sized
2 Reese’s pieces bags
4 Vanity Fair napkins (100 count pk)
4 Hefty Zip storage bags
2 Mitchum deodorants
1 Excedrin Mentrual Complete
3 Starburst jellybeans-easter bags
3 Hershey minitures-easter bags
3 M&M peanuts-easter bags
Before Savings $176.09
Club card and coupon savings total $105.83

The only stores I went to were Kroger and Walgreens so also saved on gas.

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