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Down But Not Out

Since my back surgery in late July I have had to slow way down from my normal routine. Now this means it takes me longer to clean my house and much longer to coupon clip and shop but don’t count me out.

I am learning that I can still coupon and save a ton of money I just have to do it bit by bit and anything that is not perishable can be bagged and I just ask them to take my groceries out and have them put them into the back of my truck for me. All of my grocery stores are happy to help me with this and at Walgreens and CVS if they have a really good sale now I’ll have to take plenty of my wonderful reuseable bags and have them packed with just enough weight that I can lift them myself and load them. It’s just rethinking life that’s all.

Around my house, now that’s an entirely different story. I will never be able to lift my laundry baskets again. That being said I can use additional bags to do maintenance loads to keep up with our laundry and in the meantime since we currently have a ton my family has agreed that I will wash in bulk and transfer things in small amounts to our current guest bed that is now un-used so this way things don’t get squished and rumpled and I can do it as my back and body allows without all the pain I do not want nor need. Then they will all pitch in and make it a group effort and everyone will help to get it all folded or hung and get it all put away properly.

Once this is done I can start taking a few mintues each day to organize our garage and throw trash items out so that when the time comes, which will be sooner than we all think, I can get to my mass of holiday decorating items without hurting my back. My husband will also start making me shelves this weekend to help get it all organized for me and allow walking room in our garage for all our workout equipment since I need to use things like our treadmill.

I may be down and slower and limited on how much I can lift but I am by far not out and do not intend to be. We will all just have to learn to adjust even more to my back problems and permanent limitations I have now.

Take care everyone and have a great week and weekend.
The Shoppingjeannie


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