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Store Shopping

Each time you go to any store I have a few rules I LIVE by.

  • 1. ALWAYS make a list
    2. ALWAYS eat before you shop (if you do’t I guarantee it will cost you money you didn’t want to spend)
    3. Plan menus around what they have on sale in the meat, chicken, seafood departments
    4. Double check your stockpiles or inventories for upcoming needs or shortages
    5. Look for what you can get for FREE (you will be surprised if you coupon correctly and stay organized)
    6. Never shop on weekends (I say weekends are for overspending on pointless items and if you shop right you won’t ever have the urge to shop weekends again.
    7. Watch buying items from end caps or any other place that really draws your attention. Stores draw attention to things to get you to spend money you don’t want to let go of.
    8. Compare ads. An item at one store might seem like a good deal while another store will allow double and triple coupons making it either cheaper or my favorite FREE. Check your ads and circle what you are going to buy and attach a list with a large paperclip to add your coupons to as you pull them out while you shop.

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