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Coupons and The Internet

For those of you that don’t want to order more than one newspaper I do have a recommendation.

Get one newspaper, find out if there are any coupons for items that you use a lot. My example is I use a good bit of dog food, therefore, I order units (there are usually 10 to 20 coupons per unit) of coupons from Top Rated sellers off Ebay. I try to only order from top rated sellers and I always use the Buy It Now option as I do not like to wait to see if I won the bidding process. I just can’t stand to waste the time AND if a sale comes up while the bidding process is open then you just missed out.

Search Ebay for coupons and take a wide-eyed look at what’s available. You are paying the clipping servers for their time in cutting these out for you and when there are a lot of coupons to be clipped it can be worth your while. I bought 10 coupons for Ben-Gay the large ultra strength tube and they were worth $5 each towards the end of last year. I used some locally to me at my walmart and took the rest on vacation to see my parents. They use this stuff heavily as well. Since I had already fully stocked my own householdĀ  on this item I used the remaining coupons and bought some for them to keep. Now the jumbo tube I bought sells for $6.83 so 10 tubes would have cost me $68.30 plus tax but buying the coupons cost me $4.66 but saved me $50.00 so if you take the total cost and include all my expenses I paid $1.83 per tube add in the $4.66 making each tube $2.30 but overall I saved a total of $45.30 even with purchasing the coupons online. That is a huge savings.


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